You know all the Web Agencies in Malta?
We work in a completely different way.
And in 10 seconds you will find out why

To this day, has Marketing been an expense that lowered your business account, or has it been a rubber band that, by stretching out, has pushed you upward?
We know the answer, but that’s not how we work. This is the last time you will look for a Web Agency.

In 2020 in Malta it’s very fashionable to talk about Creativity, Growth Hacking, Brand Positioning, UIX, Digital Marketing…
But in practice, what does it mean?
In our opinion, an entrepreneur needs concreteness, facts, results, not big words.

Our philosophy is that:

if you are a web agency able to increase sales to your customers, why do you still earn less than 100 thousand euros?

“if you are an expert in Brand Positioning, why is your Brand always at the same point for years? Why don’t you have more than 10 satisfied testimonials?”

If you also think this is nonsense, we will be happy to show you our solutions.

To create a beautiful website and creative graphics does not take much, you only need a good guy with a computer. That’s why it’s very easy to win. worthless prizes. What is not easy is to collect dozens of positive testimonies, successful cases, interviews in the most important newspapers and on TV.

You will never see us publish creative or funny posts, we have no time for that. We are the new Malta Web Agency and we are the latest arrivals. That’s why we’ll give you 200%.


The most read business magazine in Italy
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Who are We?

We are the Web Agency of reference in Italy when it comes to Effective Online Presence (Presenza Online Efficace), which is also the title of the book written by our CEO Elena Setzu. After a year in Malta spent at studying the market and understanding the economy, talking to entrepreneurs and creating our portfolio, we exported our successful system, and now it has arrived in Malta. We are here to double our success cases at the very least. And on top of that, WE TELL YOU HOW MUCH OUR SERVICES COST, here, on our website.

What do We do?

We do not carry out many services, because for each competence, years of study, and tens of thousands of investments in training and testing are
definitely necessary. For this reason, in a single Web Agency it is not possible to have excellence in many services.
Quality is more important than quantity.
First of all we work only with companies: NO institutions, NO public administrations, NO hospitals, NO associations… Our clients are entrepreneurs
who work or invest in companies.


And we do it through combinations of website (or eCommerce, or application) and Social Media Marketing, with a highly specialized team of
developers and Effective Marketing experts.

You may be shocked by the amount of people who don’t consider your company because of your online presence. Are you really sure you want to hand it over to the first guy that comes?

After 9 years of experience in Italy, where our headquarters are in Cagliari and is leader in Sardinia, our Web Agency has now arrived in Malta, with a dedicated team that lives in Sliema and that is already gaining the trust of several Maltese companies


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Who runs our Web Agency in Malta?

Elena Setzu, Expert of reference in Italy for Effective Online Presence

✓ Writer of 2 Marketing Best Sellers
✓ Marketing teacher
✓ Over 100 active clients
✓ Over 60 social fanpages managed
✓ Over 30.000 hours dedicated to Marketing
✓ Founder of 4 important companies
✓ Master in Communication and Marketing
✓ MBA Project Management
✓ Psychology Diploma

She left her hometown in Sardinia and moved to Milan with no money in 2011, on a beat-up small car, with a VAT number and a trunk full of
groceries bought at a convenience store, which were enough only for the next three months.
Now, after 30.000 hours of practice on the field and more than 100 past clients, and a full collection of successes and testimonies, she has become the Marketer of reference in Italy when it co-mes to Effective Online Presence.

Based in Sliema (Malta), with clients overseas, she’s probabily the Marketing consultant who stands out the most for her empathy and brightness.

Around 2015, she decided to differ from the 90% of Marketers who used to keep updated online, for free. She decided, then, to say goodbye to outdated concepts, such as visibility, creativity and concepts like “any press is good press”, and focus on tangible results.
Between 2017 and 2019, between tests and courses, she spent over 75.000€, travelling through Europe, and she claims that “the shortest course I bought has an higher value than the Master in Marketing and Communication received at IED”.

Every single testimony received by her clients is 100% real and positive, since she collects a success after the other.
In 2018 she published her first book, “Presenza Online Efficace”, with Dario Flaccovio Editore, an important Italian publisher, again on sale in every italian bookshop and online.

In October 2019 she will publish her new book, which revolutioned the freelancer marketing: Protocollo FreeLance.

Elena Setzu: The book that teaches how to become entrepreneurs for themselves and successful entrepreneurs in the global market, taking advantage in particular of all the successes of Marketing and Online Marketing. The Internet must not be used, you must be on the Internet to be successful. The best of training, otivation, and refresher courses on the evolution of web marketing.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Journalist, TV presenter, scientific popularizer, essayist and academic Italian

I started to see good results after just 3 months from the start of my new marketing strategy, from the start of the editorial plan and the launch of the new website (created by me, but under the supervision of Elena), I received the first requests for a quote. “Would you recommend it to an entrepreneur?” No. Or at least not to any one. Turning to Elena I think is the trump card of those who really want to upset every belief in the Online Presence. Elena is not for all entrepreneurs. It’s just for those who are willing to do a partial or complete rebuilding of their marketing. Think not of “how much it costs” but of WHAT IT IS WORTH.

Francesco Meloni, Francesco Meloni Photography

Meanwhile, I apologize for not having contacted you again, I wanted to do it every day, but time flies quickly, especially since you published our site. The work seems to grow more every day. I must say that the trust placed in your company has been amply rewarded. Thanks again, give me some time to plan and we’ll do a lot of things together.

Adriana Cecchini, Lasergraf

I had a straitjacket contract with a deceitful agency that made me lose money and time. I had a pretty decent basic marketing knowledge and my business was slowly growing.

Down the road, I have learned a lot of marketing strategies and how a real professional works when it comes to consulting.

This collaboration has brought me economic, professional and personal growth.

I expected to start working with professionals and start seeing results never seen before. Now I don’t have any more expectation, because every time I’m surprised with how good they are.

If I would recommend Elena Setzu’s Web Agency to other entrepreneurs? Not if they are my competitors, but I strongly recommend it to anyone else!

I have known you for 4 years and the collaboration with your agency makes me think that I can achieve anything!

Matteo Achenza, MangioGiusto

I spent at least €6,000 between marketing and strategy courses, paid for with great sacrifices. The quality of your services, is HUGE, RARE and of great VALUE, not only on a professional level but also on an ethical one. I am grateful and thankful for this great gift. It is right and proper to make my most sincere compliments to you and your team. Because, Elena, let’s be clear, what I realized thanks to your project, I didn’t understand in any of the many praised top level courses. Slapping and waking up. A healthy disenchantment. I repeat, thank you very much.

Erika Sussarellu, Iriis Wedding

My average of closures before applying the strategy was, in periods from February to June: 4 per month. From November to January I made a lot of appointments but they came back only in February or worse they disappeared. This December I closed three contracts, the difference is abysmal

Maria Paola Tindis, Wedding Graphic Designer

Elena’s book helped me a lot, it gave me a lot of strength to get back in the game. I recommend having a copy at home.

Diego Daddi, Entrepreneur, TV character

A knowledge happened by chance, but one of the best cases that can exist for a company. At the right time, the right meeting.
She is an entrepreneur, a student and a consultant with many qualities, Elena does a punctual and impeccable work, with right solutions and tangible objectives.
We have entrusted our company and our world in the right hands. Congratulations from all the staff of Gioiellerie Claudia. Especially from Claudia, Veronica, Giacomo and Giorgio.

Veronica Stagno, Gioiellerie Claudia

I could only rely on the number one for marketing and strategy. She found solutions for me allowing me to start like a Ferrari with a full tank of gasoline, so thank you!

Alessandro Cocco, Libreria Cocco, Publishing house 'La Zattera'

Elena Setzu is a serious professional, smart, with a dedication to work so high to be part of that narrow circle of SME owners in Italy that really make a difference. If you’re considering trusting her, the answer has to be yes, without a shadow of a doubt. Great job Elena, keep it up!

Attilio Cordaro, Serial entrepreneur and Consultant agency

Elena is a true professional and marketing expert, I entrusted her with some of my crazy ideas! Elena I thank you for your good heart (I do not forget) for the trust of our friendship! Today I allow myself to promote your books that all professionals should read! Hugs!

Dr. Costantino Motzo, Nutritionist

Contractors and professionals.
Very, very good. Agency ready to solve every need with TANGIBLE results

Stefano Pisano, Pisano Arredamenti, Arredo3 Store

You’re one of the few people in the world that I trust on a business level, and most importantly, you’re one of the only people in the world that is able to completely twist my beliefs. You are able to show me from a completely different angle the product itself. For me it is essential to have your point of view before starting…

Martina Conti, Trucking Conti

I’m so happy with your work. I’m talking about you to some friends who wanted your help given the results obtained by us Allegri Girarrosti ! Let’s say that I bet on you from the beginning and that you are good and I have a great intuition Thank you Elena!

Marco Loi, Allegri Girarrosti

I am one of the owners of the mattress factory and chain stores Il Ghiro. We are a company that has 50 years and thirty employees. I met Elena almost by accident, and I got to read her book. Now, after a short time, we cooperate because I consider Elena a professional. I like how she thinks and I share her view, especially on the role of positioning of a modern company.

Giaime Pietri, Il Ghiro Materassi

Elena is the best marketing consultant in Sardinia, and perhaps even beyond. I’m one of those lucky people who participate to Protocollo Freelance, and I got amazing results. I managed to clear many of my doubts, because I met Elena in a slightly complicated point of my professional life: I was in the middle of a change, troubled by an illness, and I didn’t know if the choices I was making were right or wrong. As I said many times: I had a puzzle with lots of empty spaces. And she filled these spaces, taking Wedding Graphic Designer to the next level. Thank you Elena!

Maria Paola Tindis, Wedding Graphic Designer

I increased by 400% compared to 12 months ago. Do you know the issue of the first part of the empty season? Well, the requests for May and June are all coming in this time. I have four appointments in this week.

Francesco Meloni, Francesco Meloni Photography

It’s simply the Number One Agency! Our company (BCG srl) has been honored to collaborate with eSetz.

Simone Cocco, BCG srl

We immediately realized that we made the right choice. Elena was able to direct us on the right path. We were satisfied with the work done with her, we will continue to work together to improve our company.

Massimo Cirulli, Daniele Benzi, Food's School

Adequate advice, excellent product and constant assistance, superlatives!

Oreste Tuveri, Mercato San Benedetto

Thank you, you are always very attentive to the customer, quick to answer and always very exhaustive! 10+. I could not find better. You can grant my wishes!

Daniela Degioannis, Saperdabianca

I was lucky enough to meet Elena and her team, they are a force of nature, they put passion in what they do, they can understand the needs of us customers and are very prepared! Keep it up, guys!!!

Alessandra Pergolani

I and my partner are owners of a private Post Office called “La Nuova Posta di Sestu”, we’ve participated in the free course, it was very useful to understand how to best manage the facebook page of our business behind the valuable advice of the talented and professional Elena Setzu. Great experience. Thank you!

Laura Piras, La Nuova Posta

True professionals, you have created my website and logo in record time, with excellent quality. My site fully reflects my idea of doing business.
Thank you

Simone Casti, Construction company Simone Casti

I put into practice the valuable advice of Elena getting good results immediately. Elena is very well prepared and very helpful

Erika Pinna, Hobbysta

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